About Us

Service is our #1 Product

Who we are

“We are your one-stop-shop for all things Geotab. We’re telematics experts, enthusiasts, and interpreters.”

Sometimes you may need something but not know how to ask for it. We bring years of telematics experience and know which questions to ask to make sure you get the exact answer you’re looking for.

Some members of our support staff have been fleet managers and over-the-road truck drivers, so–in some sense–we’ve been in your shoes and understand the urgency of your needs.

If you need a solution that doesn’t exist yet, we can evaluate the need, interpret the problem to turn it into a project, and then work with developers and engineers to create custom-built software integrations that meet your specific needs.

What we do

We listen

If you call or email in, we make sure we understand your problem thoroughly so that we can answer it thoroughly. No technically-correct-but-functionally-useless answers here: we make sure we give you real answers and will usually keep an eye out to make you aware of any side issues you could encounter related to the problem at hand.

We learn

It’s important to us that we earn the place of your trusted advisor when it comes to anything related to telematics, so we pay attention to what exists in the industry. If you have existing software you’d like to integrate with Geotab, let us know and we can find out if the two systems already talk or what it would take to get them talking.

We live, laugh, love

Okay, that’s admittedly pretty hokey. But we are real people, and we’ll be real with you when you call in or email us for help. We’ll provide timely updates, workarounds, resolutions, and maybe even the occasional meme.