Dual Share

Make managing your fleet easier.


Dual Share Eliminates the need for hiring extra staff to manage and support customers for rental and lease specific to the new ELD/HOS mandate. Dual Share puts the responsibility on the customer, not the Rental or Lease provider.


With Dual Share, customers are fully responsible for having all of their information compliant with the ELD mandate, having all of their logs accounted for, and making any edits or changes to their own logs. Additionally, IFTA reporting remains just as easy as it was before from the leasing company side: you can still run Geotab’s IFTA report on all of your vehicles and don’t have to wait for customers to turn in their mileages.

Data Privacy

With Dual Share, you have two streams of the same data going to different databases: yours and theirs. This means full privacy between your customers; you can see where your trucks are, but they can see only the trucks they are renting or leasing.

Data Accessibility

With this solution, leasing companies no longer need to have large, complex group structures in their own database to allow customers to see their data. Dual Share gives customers full access to all of their own data via their own database, meaning that they get to administer user rights and access without disrupting any functionality within the leasing company’s database.


Never have to track down IFTA reports again. With Dual Share you have your own copy of the customer’s data and can run an IFTA report on your fleet at any time you would like.