Driver•i is a revolutionary AI-powered, vision-based IoT (Internet
of Things) system that helps commercial fleets improve safety
and efficiency. The device is discreetly mounted behind the
rear-view mirror, captures 360° videos of various driving
scenarios, and draws its power from the vehicle’s battery supply
via a simple cable. With Driver•i, you can get real-time feedback
on your driving habits, so you can make changes to employ a
safety-first culture.

Netradyne’s Driver•i is the next step in driver safety. This device
records video and sensory data to detect any event related to
the driver’s behavior, such as hard braking, speeding, following
distance, distracted driving, and a host of other infractions that
can be visually detected. An alert is generated and uploaded to
the customer’s IDMS (Intelligent Driving Monitoring System)
dashboard when an event is detected. This allows fleet

managers to keep track of their drivers’ safety and improve their
driving habits while building a positive culture.
Driver•i has two buttons on the bottom of the device that can
create user-generated alerts when pressed. Two LEDs on the
driver-facing side of the device indicate the current operational
state. Keep your drivers safe with Netradyne’s Driver•i!

Driver•i D-210


  • Tested Operating Temperature: -4o F to 131o F / -20°C to 55°C
  • Octacore CPU+ GPU / DSP for Edge computing.
  • Auto-grade sensor with 120dB of HDR performance and Full
    HD imaging
  • Full HD Inward /driver facing camera with IR LED for night
  • Connectivity – LTE/ WiFi / BT.
  • 2 LED indicators to represent device state.
  • Integrated Microphone and Speaker for Alerts.
  • 2GB RAM + 64GB/128GB/256GBInternalStorage
  • Inertialsensors (Accelerometer and Gyro), Thermalsensor
  • Location Services: Galileo, Glonass, GPS

Driver•i D-430


  • Nvidia TX2 Module
    Dual-core Denver 2 64-bit CPU and quad-core ARM A57 complex
    NVIDIA PascalTM architecture with 256 NVIDIA CUDA cores – 1.3
  • Outward facing camera OV2775 with HDR ISP OV491
  • Inward facing camera OV2735 with IR LED for night vision
  • Connectivity – LTE / WiFi / BT
  • 2 LED indicators to represent device state
  • Integrated microphone & speaker
  • 4GB RAM + 128GB eMMC based storage
    Storage expandable up to 256GB
  • Inertial sensor (Accelerometer & Gyro), Thermal sensor