Allow your drivers to travel with confidence. Improve driver and vehicle safety and gain peace of mind with full fleet visibility, both in-cab and on the road. The Surfsight solution’s user-friendly technology integrated with Geotab’s robust software is an all-in-one video telematics solution.

Benefits of Surfsight Cameras

Innovative and Scalable

Grows with your fleet needs. Obtain OTA software upgrades without needing a hardware upgrade.

Improve Driver Safety

Industry-leading machine vision and artificial intelligence offers insight to reduce risky driving behaviors fleet-wide.

Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming from dual, road- and driver-facing cameras provides real-time insight across your fleet.

Alerts and Coaching

Set up custom audio and visual alerts to improve overall fleet performance.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Connect additional IoT devices using a built-in camera hotspot.

Easy Installation

Fast install with harnesses provided by Geotab.

Here for You

24/7 support team and available training.

Cost Effective

A premium solution at a competitive price, available exclusively for Geotab Customers.